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    Why did we choose Tower Gardening?

    Mike and I saw our first Tower Garden in October 2015 at the Juice Plus+ conference in Nashville.  We’d seen pictures of these aeroponic gardening wonders online, and I’d even had a friend send me a picture of hers.  Yes, the pictures impressed us and we knew we wanted a tower of our own, but seeing them in person sealed the deal.  Tower Gardens are not only functional, but they are beautiful in all of their green-and-white-and-brightly-lit glory!


    Our adventure in the world of Tower Gardening began on Thursday, November 5, 2015 when our order was delivered.  I was pleasantly surprised at the speed of shipping because we ordered it just that Monday morning, November 2!  Talk about fast!


    I get it, Tower Gardens look expensive and families on a budget may go running in the opposite direction.  We almost did!  But before you go…pump your brakes!  It’s a lot more affordable than we initially thought.

    The Tower Garden itself is $525, and that’s pretty much all you really need if you want to grow outdoors.  Since we were planning to start our tower right away indoors (it gets down right chilly here in SC in the fall and winter!) so we needed a few more accessories.  Here’s what we ordered:

    Support Cage (to hold the lights, and will also double as a tomato cage next summer): $60

    Dolly (to make moving it around a lot easier): $69.95

    Extension Kit (to grow 8 more plants): $70

    Grow Lights: $219

    Extra Mineral Blend: $40

    So the subtotal of everything was $983.95.  Shipping was $117.20 (guys this comes in a lot of boxes) and tax for my area was $88.09 so the grand total was $1,189.24.

    *Before you go running off because of sticker shock!**

    They break this up over 12 months for you, interest free, no application to fill out, no credit check, nothing of the sort!  Just click a button to choose the installment plan and that’s it!  Easy as pie!  No blood sample required, LOL.

    So, for all of this, our monthly price is $90.05.

    Less than the price of cable.

    Less than the price of a cell phone.

    Less than the cost of 2 dinners out at a casual dining restaurant.

    And you can use this thing for years and years and years!

    Best of all, it will pay you back.  Instead of going to the grocery store for salad greens, all I have to do is walk into the next room and snip them from my tower.  If I need fresh herbs, they’re right there.  Organic produce, right in my home.  Who needs farm to table?  This is tower to table!  I know whose hands have been on it since I planted the seedlings!  No salmonella or e-coli on my lettuce!

    tower garden week 2

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