• The New Me Vs. The Old Me

    The last 3 years have been a whirlwind.  When you set out to do something that you’ve never succeeded at before, there’s a lot of the fear of the unknown to deal with.  I did it though, I successfully lost 85 pounds through A LOT of hard work.


    Most of you have never seen the “old me” or heard about my journey, so I put together this video to show you!  I also want to introduce you to a nifty little device called the YooHD Bluetooth Fitness Tracker that is helping me achieve what I call “Amber 2.0” which is the last leg of my journey.  I’ve realized I’ve gotten as far as I’m going to go on diet alone.  It’s time to get this body moving and shape it into what I want.


    Last fall I bought a Fitbit, kept it for 3 weeks and sent it back.  It did a fine job keeping up with my steps, but the battery died every 2-3 days, it was finicky trying to get it to charge fully.  People kept requesting that I join them in challenges on the app, and even though I did that, it was never motivating to me because although I was doing my best, it was never “good enough”.  I never won a challenge.

    I like the YooHD tracker a lot better for a few reasons:

    • So far, the battery has been going strong for 3 weeks and it is incredibly easy to charge!
    • It’s more comfortable to wear than the Fitbit because it has rounded edges.
    • On the app, I compete against myself, no one else!  The old yoo versus the new yoo!  I always want the “new me” to run right past the “old me” by lunch time!
    • They are so much more affordable than other brands!  The Fitbit I returned was over $120.  This YooHD is $39.99 and FREE SHIPPING if you use coupon code YOOHDAC.  I’m all about saving some money!

    Check them out at http://yoochallenge.com, they have pink, blue and black bands to choose from.  I don’t know how long this code will last, but I don’t think it’s going to be long with this steep of a discount!

    Now check out my video! And then keep reading to find out how to enter my giveaway to win a FREE YooHD for yourself!


    Want to win your own YooHD Fitness Tracker?

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5 Responsesso far.

  1. luv….Loved the article. You are motivating and encouraging!!!

  2. ms mary says:

    Such a great inspiration thank you

  3. Luana Ring says:

    Would LOVE to win this!!!

  4. Pat Baker says:

    Thanks for this giveaway! I have wanted one of these for awhile now.. Hope I win it

  5. I am not sure how to enter the give away but I hope this is it. I love all that you have put on YOUTUBE. I have been a widow for just over 7 years. I have 4 school aged girls. I have 2 home businesses :J.R. Watkins.com and Young Living Essential Oils as well as running a branch of Azure Standard healthy Food (and other good things) Co-op. I have just started THM. I have not received my books yet but with Facebook and YOUTUBE I am doing ok to start with.

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